I started weaving in February 2019 after teaching myself to spin using YouTube and wanting to utilise my fibre in other ways beside knitting and crochet both of which I have done for years. Weaving has been a new challenge and quickly became an addiction, my output has steadily increased and now; needing a outlet I decided to start my own business. I have been an adult nurse for more years than I really want to count and I have always enjoyed creative crafting and include hand embroidery, quilting amongst my favourites; recently I started lessons in bobbin lace making which is very slow going:)…. But spinning and lately weaving has help me tremendously deal with occupational acquired PTSD and the debilitating symptoms that accompanied it.

I have now two spinning wheels ‘Jenny’ a entry level Louet S 17, and Roberta and electronic spinning wheel. As well as Erica my 50cm Louet 4 shaft loom, also I have a Harris 4 shaft floor Loom named “Boris the beast”. Boris is at present like his namesake being a little troublesome as I am having difficulty getting a adequate shed to weave properly so this is work in progress. As we speak I am waiting on the delivery of a 32 inch 8 shaft Ashford loom this will enable me to weave more complex designs.