Since my last post the world has been hit by a catastrophe in the shape of the Covoid 19 virus. This virus has led to most of the world having restrictions on our freedom of movement.
I work part time as a registered nurse for a palliative care charity and we have had to change our working practices tremendously to the extent that we have to restrict our physical presence and give support by phone, our few face to face interactions are now completed in full personal protective equipment to protect our vulnerable patients and also ourselves and our families. Please everyone stay safe:)

What’s new on the needles!

Having been shopping on Saturday I couldn’t resist starting another shawl.  The colours are a nice surprise its hard to tell whats going to occur with the colours, they are brighter than I expected.  The fibre is a mixture of wool and silk and so super soft its going to be a joy to wear..

Shopping spree

Whilst we waited for Storm Dennis to arrive on Saturday and the weather was calm. I took two friends wool shopping at The Wool Factory in Alford Lincolnshire.  There was so much choice which we all loved…but I was very restrained!

restrained shopping lol 🙂


What’s been happening since Christmas @ the rose tree

Since my brother’s visit at Christmas I seem to have got the knitting bug and this has resulted in my making 4 completed lacy shawls ideal for a summer wedding or just to be used when the evening is cool.  All of the shawls are made from natural fibres and are really supersoft to wear.

Made from shades of pink very fine merino wool

Welcome to the Rose Tree Weaver

Welcome to the Rose Tree Weaver

I started weaving in February 2019 after teaching myself to spin using YouTube and wanting to utilise my fibre in other ways beside knitting and crochet both of which I have done for years. Weaving has been a new challenge and quickly became an addiction, my output has steadily increased and now; needing a outlet I decided to start my own business. I have been an adult nurse for more years than I really want to count and I have always enjoyed creative crafting and include hand embroidery, quilting amongst my favourites; recently I started lessons in bobbin lace making which is very slow going:)…. But spinning and lately weaving has help me tremendously deal with occupational acquired PTSD and the debilitating symptoms that accompanied it.

I have now two spinning wheels ‘Jenny’ a entry level Louet S 17, and Roberta and electronic spinning wheel. As well as Erica my 50cm Louet 4 shaft loom, also I have a Harris 4 shaft floor Loom named “Boris the beast”. Boris is at present like his namesake being a little troublesome as I am having difficulty getting a adequate shed to weave properly so this is work in progress. As we speak I am waiting on the delivery of a 32 inch 8 shaft Ashford loom this will enable me to weave more complex designs.