About Us

I am based in Lincolnshire, UK. and started weaving in February 2019 on a 4 shaft loom named Erica (made by Louet).

I had already taught myself via You Tube to spin fleece and decided that weaving was my next challenge. Well I have been truly addicted to making fabric using eco-friendly yarns which are where possible locally sourced. My favourites are alpaca, cashmere, and wool/silk blends which give a fabulous drape and are super-soft and snuggly to wear.

I have been a member of the Lincolnshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers for approximately 1 year, during that time I have been fortunate to meet and get to know an amazing group of people who are all willing to freely give their time and assistance to teach and encourage others to gain and maintain the skills to keep these heritage crafts going.


Since my last post the world has been hit by a catastrophe in the shape of the Covoid 19 virus. This virus has led...